Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ketupat (rice cakes)

Ketupat is a rice dish that's served on special occasions, most commonly on the Lebaran (Idul Fitri) holiday at the end of Ramadan, but also on birthdays and weddings. Mrs K likes to cook it at any time.

Ketupat, by Meutia Chaerani from Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bubur ayam (chicken rice porridge)

Bubur ayam is a great Indonesian comfort food. It's also traditionally a breakfast dish, but we eat it at any time. Mrs K, as ever, has her own way of doing things - there are millions of variations. There is one new ingredient (pickled mustard greens), but it's only an optional garnish, so don't worry if you can't find it.

More krupuk!

Mrs K has been going to the enormous Wembley Sunday Market for the last couple of weeks, mainly because one of the stalls is run by an acquaintance of our daughter. She hails from Wolverhampton and used to run an online Indonesian store tied to her real store, but that seems to have disappeared. But most Sundays she sets up stall flogging hard-to-find Indonesian treats, such as the krupuk pictured below.